Race Schedule 2019

January  2019 - Eagle Lake 100 miles Eagle Lake, ME

February 2019 - Wilderness Sled Dog Race 70 miles  Greenville, ME

February 15-17 UP200. Marquette MI

*** March 2 2019 - Can-Am 250  250 miles Fort Kent, ME
We are not only home to an incredible race team we also have a wonderful tour team.  
We will be doing tours at The Mountain View Grand Resort!! We are very excited to have
this opportunity for the second year and I look forward to a winter that is all about being
with my dogs. Training my incredible race team and bragging about our life while
showing people first hand what an incredible bond we have. Check out the MVG link:
Summer of 2018 brought us the next generation of Outlaws.
This was all planned in detail on where we are, where were
going and the bright future ahead
from racing, training,
touring and LIVING:)

Khrome X Thrasher
"Living the Dream Litter"
Frenzi X Danger
"Blood, Sweat & Heartbeats Litter"
Neva X Danger
"Just Like Fire Burning The Way Litter"