After much consideration, weighing the pro's and con's and really,  really wanting
to do the 60 mile races this year.........were not. The deciding factor.......whats the
rush? I mean as challenging and tempting as it is,  I do have 3 boys that have
barely been in harness.  Lyken, Brazen, and  Rage will be joining  Mayhem,
Quoia, Primus, Havok, and Legend.
Ryzdon has actually joined us in some training,  But I know that traveling on the
road, the hustle and bustle of the race day is just too much for her.  
Envi is our youngest addition and we cant wait to see what this little spit fire
brings to the table.

The team will be with out two valuable players this season.  
We lost Tantrum in a gut wrenching tragedy this May.  
Her passing has left my very first hook ups
emotional to say the least.
While still with us in spirit I so miss seeing her
bright and shiny face.  
Our second devastation to the team is Outlaw.
For many years Outlaw has been my anchor,
my core, my go to guy.
While he's still with us and willing to work something is wrong.  His gait changed
last winter, He postures oddly, fidgets and seems to be uncomfortable not just in
harness but in general.  A battery of tests and still no answer so I'm not sure he'll
be making the team.

So with the decision to stay in the 30 mile classes we have some super cool races
this season.  The first is the Can-Am Crown. We loved this last year, the
environment, the people, everything.  And we are so thrilled we got in.  Currently
there is a waiting list of 21 mushers!  
A new adventure for us will be traveling to Quebec Canada to participate in the
Odyssee Appalachienne.  This race is exciting not only because of the new turf, but
because its an 8 dog event!
Then there's good old Stratford, an absolute favorite of mine with sentimental
value as well!  This year we'll say goodbye to our usual 15 mile race and will be
entering the back to back 30 mile 8 dog class!

In addition to some new team members we have a new training tool.  A Honda
Rancher 420.  Needless to say Kev was thrilled the dogs finally paid of for him
too!  I'm excited to see the difference this tool will make in our performance.....and
yet  a little nervous at the same time. The thought of Lyken, Primus, and Havok
once they've pulled that kind of weight......well the word POWER HOUSE comes to

Happy Trails.................