Sponsor The 2016- 2017 Race Team

Dear Friends, Family and Business owners:

Outlaw Ridge is a kennel like no other! We are a mid-distance sled dog team who has been racing for 16 year. We've  competed in NH, ME,VT, Canada ranging in
mileage of 70 -250. This years race plans are: Plum Creek Wilderness in Greenville Maine
DTBA, UP200 in Marquette MI 2/16/17 and the Can-Am 250 in Fort Kent
Maine 3/5/1
7. The Can-Am & UP200 are the races that have our complete attention, our  focus and dedication. We've raced and rocked the Can-Am 250. Now we want
to try a new race. The UP200 is a 240 mile race and will be the farthest from home. They both are grueling races that requires intense training and we are looking
forward to meeting them head on.

Sponsorship monies will ONLY be used for racing and training expenses. Sponsors are invited to come visit.  If you would like further information on the team, our
goals, and our way of life feel free to contact me. I am available to discuss this further  at your request. Your support is greatly appreciated.
                                                                                                      Sponsor the Entire Team:
Sponsor the entire team for $155.00. Sponsors receive a coffee mug, autographed team photo, a post on web site,  decal with your name stating you’re a team
sponsor placed on dog truck, and a T-shirt ( mention size you’d prefer)
                                                                                                                Sponsor a Dog:
Sponsor a dog for $50 ( a dog may have more then one sponsor)! Sponsor your favorite or sponsor a few. Sponsors receive an autographed photo, their name on that
individual dog's web page, and a T-shirt. ( mention size you’d prefer)                 
                                                                                                              Corporate Sponsorship:
Businesses donating $250+ will get your company name & logo on the dog truck, advertisement and link on our website, and a autographed team photo ( Monies can
also be in trade for services or merchandise)


Becki Tucker                                                        
Donations can be mailed to :
Becki Tucker
28 Thayer Rd, Dorchester NH 03266    
www.outlawridgesleddogs.com         Follow us on Face Book
Our goals and philosophy are unique, our morals and ethics strong, and our focus and determination are fierce.
We would like to invite you to be part of this amazing team and help us in our journey.