2015 Can-Am 250 5th place Finish! Now thats flat out awesome!! Details will be posted soon

3/1/2014 Can-Am 250!!! We were awesome. We finished, finished strong and for any rookie crossing the finish line is amazing. Finish as well as we did, with all the obstacles. Its a AMAZING!!! Details on monthly madness
will be posted soon. 12th out of 18. Team: Shimmer, Super Star, Venom, Token, Posi, Haywire, Thrasher, Fuel, Rogue, Danger, Gage, Zig

2/1/14   Wilderness Race, Greenville Me, 100 mile, 12 dog team: Shimmer, Super Star, Venom, Token, Gemma ( first 100 mile), Rogue, Fuel ( first 100 miler), Haywire, Thrasher, Posi, Gage and Danger. Had only been on
sled for 40 miles the weekend before. Placed 8th out of 10 and as always was an interesting detail to this race:)

Race Results 2013
March 2 Can-Am 60 6th out of 12 Time: 8:37:56 Shimmer and Super Star ( first time & in heat) In lead. This was the race where it all came together. Great time, great planning, breaks, push team when able, when it was
right. This qualified us to run 250 and we brought home a nice big prize check.

Feb. 16th LOdysee Appalachienne 100 9th out of 10. Time: 10:17:04 Shimmer & Token on lead on way out. Rogue & Posi on way back. Flat trail and this is the one I was dragged down the paved road.

Jan. 19th Irving Woodlands 100 8th place out of 9. Time: 10:14:44. Pretty awesome since it was our very first 100 had not done longer then a 35 mile run, main string of yearlings and oh yeah who could forget...I finished
after taking the snowhook in the rear.

RACE Result 2011
Jan. 15- Irving Woodlands 30 mile 13TH place out of 19 Time-3:04 w/ many stops .
We did great concidering; First time on sled for season & 6 yearlings. Treated it like a training run. Stopped changed leaders 3 times and only ran 3 solid race dogs with yearlings. Always a yearling in lead. They were
incredible passed many teams on way out and head out and we only did 2 10mile runs on atv b4 race, only had 100 miles on!!  (Stanchion, Fusion, Super Star, Shimmer, Blaze, Gemma, Rogue, Ikon)

2010 RACE Results
Jan. 30 KI- 28 mile 3rd place - Top Pure Bred Team - Time 2:33:57:Envi, Asylum, Ikon, Spyder, Stanchion, Lyken, Quoia, Shimmer, Rage, Brazen

February 6 Greenville-  30 mile 9th place out of 18 Time- 2:35:13: Envi, Asylum, Stanchion, Spyder, Ikon, Lyken, Shimmer, Brazen

March 6 Can-Am 60 Envi, Lyken, Asylum, Ikon, Spyder, Stanchion, Brazen, Shimmer

2008- 2009 Season
Had planned for this to be our first year to run 100 mile races.  Unfortunately in October I had a serious head trauma with major brain injury and a fracture. I was expected to die or at the best become a vegetable. The
Dr's all alerted my husband I would NOT be the same and my memory, ability would be gone.  I was placed on a ventilator for 5 days and on day 3 when the turned it off...I crashed and had to be brought back..........and
here I'am Today!

It was the yearlings first year. Training mileage was beyond low. An 1/8th of what should be done before race season! So why still consider races?? To expose and introduce all of what it takes to the yearling's. Being on
the trail with others, waiting to line out, new trails and being on the road!

DATE                                     RACE                                                        TEAM                                  TIME / RESULT

2/7/09                         WILDERNESS RACE                             ENVI, SHIMMER                                3:12:15
                             30 MILE 8 dog                                       IKON, ASYLUM                          8th OUT OF 11
                                                                                          RAGE, STANCHION
                                                                                         LYKEN, HAVOK
stopped often, changed leaders & wheel dogs a few times. It was clear the team was capable of speed & strength regardless of our minor training.


2/14/09                    STRATFORD NIGHTHAWKS                         LYKEN, ENVI                             DAY 1  4:55:37
                40 MILE TWO DAY RACE 8 - 12 DOG                 STANCHION, IKON                   DAY 2 RAN 30 MILE
                                                                                           ASYLUM, BRAZEN
                                                                                            RAGE, SHIMMER
                                                                                            SPYDER, HAVOK
changed every position at least once. Each dog moved, few ran lead, I fell off the sled each day and it was clear I was the weaker link. Stratford was the rough race.

2/21/09                 SANDWICH NOTCH                       SPYDER, ENVI                                   5TH OUT OF 11!!
                         45 MILE  8 dog                            ASYLUM, IKON
                                                                            SHIMMER, RAGE
                                                                             LYKEN, HAVOK
Ran Spyder in lead and honestly he looked at me and said.......about time. The team was fast, and very composed. To place 5th out of 11 is incredible. We had far less miles on then any team on the trail. I was impressed
with the entire team, and proud at how all these yearling's with no experience, barely any training did so well and were happy. Cant wait for 2009-2010 season where I'm up to speed and the team gets the
required/needed training!!
2008 Race Results  first year training with an atv!!  NO trained leaders, Havok ,Legend ,Envi stepped in!!)                                 

2/16/08              STRATFORD NIGHTHAWKS                         HAVOK, LEGEND                        DAY 1   3:38:35
                 30 MILE TWO DAY RACE                                QUOIA, ENVI (L)                           DAY 2   3:35:05
                                                                                         RAGE, BRAZEN                            6TH OUT OF 11
                                                                                         LYKEN, PRIMUS

3/1/2008           CAN-AM CROWN                                         HAVOK, ENVI                                            4:33:12
                     30 MILE  6DOG                                           LEGEND, BRAZEN                                21 OUT OF 30
                                                                                         PRIMUS, LYKEN

3/152008         BARTLETT FUN RUN                                  HAVOK, ENVI,                            2:34:54   6TH OUT OF 10
               25 MILE RACE 8-12 DOG                              LEGEND, QUOIA                                   
                                                                                 RAGE, BRAZEN                 
                                                                                LYKEN, PRIMUS
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