Fall Wheeled Rig Tours
• Fall tours are on a wheeled dogsled but never fear, the thrill is just as wonderful on our wooded trails!
• October until the snow flies.  
• Two people can be accommodated in this 1 hour tour which includes a two mile ride for each person.
• $250/hour

Winter Dogsled Rides
•Winter tours are on groomed trails and special sleds that we call double drivers. Two people can ride on each sled with Becki,
one will ride and one of you will drive! Of course, you can switch off in the middle if you like!
•December until April
•Two people can be accommodated in this 1.5 hour tour includes a six mile ride with the dogs and a kennel tour.

Kennel Tour
•Meet Becki and the Dogs! You will learn all about what it takes to care for and train a professional racing team.
  Learn about, feeding and hear trail stories too. Oh, and don’t forget the sloppy dog kisses! Who will be your favorite dog?
•Year Round, 45 minutes
•Individuals and Groups welcome
•$20pp, $100 for groups of 6-12

 Don’t Dream Your Life, Live Your Dream!
                                                                              877 Milan Road
                                                                 Milan, New Hampshire 03588
                                   Lodging with breakfast is available on site at
Mahoosuc Inn check out the website
                                                               Rides and Tours
                        Fall and Winter Adventures with Becki and the Dogs at the Mahoosuc Inn

We are thrilled to have teamed up with The Mahoosuc Inn in beautiful Milan, New Hampshire where exciting rides are just part of the
experience. Our Unique bond with each other gives every client a chance to experience for themselves what a deep unspoken
connection with dogs feels like and we are looking forward to meeting YOU!!!
    Just drop us an email and we will happily give you more details on coming
and meeting these amazing athletes who are most importantly "My Kids"!