in 1998 I adopted my first siberian and he is the reason we live the life we do today. Yukon was the start of this entire life and the style.  I'am  consumed with
training, racing, and the mushing way of life.  These dogs are my passion, my reason and are also my family.

In the beginning we ran sprint races, stayed pretty local, trained 6-8 dogs, and used a wheeled cart. Several of the dogs were from Yukons breeder. Once I
adopted him I contacted her and she became another big piece of starting things off for us. She was very giving, several times she added to our family. By
2000 I added several more dogs, they were all adopted and came with a wrap sheet on each and every issue. We soon had a house full of escape artisits,
behavior problems, displaced aggression, aggressive, battered, abused, neglected, and just plain old misunderstood.  While sprint racing was fun it wasn't the
reason I took these dogs in. Again another thing Yukon gets credit for. I felt all these dogs were just not paid enough attention, not worked so their boredom
and major energy level created annoyance for the owner. While some of them liked being in harness and were great, a few never cared for it. Either way they
were part of my family and after being the 3rd or 6th home for these dogs I saw no reason to place them again just because they couldn't run.

Alot has changed!  We began racing distance in 2013. We did well enough to qualify to race The Can-Am 250 for 2014. The Can-AM is a race I always
respected. I was amazed at the teams that could prepare well enough for it  and then race it. It was always a race that I was out of my league. Living in CT
ment our training was 1/2 what most teams do. It was never even a thought in my head that we could race a race of that caliber. UNTIL we qualified. After my
horrible accident in 2008 I swore that I would always think outside the box. That I would live and take on anything that was an option even if it ment figuring out
how to.  There would be no more maybes, what ifs. If something became an option it was a MUST!

2014 we competed in The Can-Am 250. Its a known reality that 9 out of 10 rookie mushers always scratch their first year. That made my goal simple.........don't
scratch. Just enjoy, take it easy, learn and  be the first team from CT to FINISH. We FINISHED. We finished well enough to crave more! Once that seed was
planted we were given another opportunity one that was a dream come true. One that you never say no to even when it means back up and move in 1 week.

We are now truly a distance team. Living in NH, training right from home and loving this life!
While race and training is a major part in me and the dogs its not what its all about. This is my family. Each and everyone brings something special to the table.
Each an everyone is loved, and appreciated and each one has there very own strengths, and weaknesses. This is the beautiful life we choose to live. It takes
a whole LOT of work but it is worth it in so many ways. I wouldn't have it any other way.
                          This is Lyken.
He was the first race siberian I brought home after rescuing many
siberians and racing for ~4 years. He was a tall, leggy, strong, sweet
boy that I lost in a tragic accident. Before he left he was sure to
create what is today my amazing family & team.
He is the father to 75% of the team: Danger, Turmoil, Thrasher, Posi,
Gage, Haywire, Venom, Token, Wicked, Fuel, Super Star. Rogue, &
Gemma. Its because of his energy & gift, all that Ive been threw, all
that has changed that I chose to change the logo. It was time to
create one that was truly us.

The logo was drawn out by Eben Brown who added the mountains
the team & I view everyday since we moved to NH November 1, 2014.
me...the crazy, intense musher who flat out LOVES the life I LIVE!  Pages 18-25 are on me.