2015 We took 5th place our second time racing the Can-Am 250! Last year the trails were grueling, ice, blistering wind, intense trails BUT we
finished hard, strong 11th out of 14. So this year were ready to come back hard! The Can-Am is our favorite race. It not only agrees with our crazy
full throttle attitude it compliments our strength, determination and focus. The 250 mile race  is a true team race! Heres our race schedule for 2018

January 13 2018 - Eagle Lake 100 miles Eagle Lake, ME

February 3 2018 - Wilderness Sled Dog Race 70 miles  Greenville, ME

*** March 3 2018 - Can-Am 250  250 miles Fort Kent, ME
2017-  2018 Is going to be an interesting year! We will not only be racing we will be doing
tours at The Mountain View Grand Resort!! We are very excited to have this opportunity
and I look forward to a winter that is all about being with my dogs. Training my incredible
race team and bragging about our life while showing people first hand what an incredible
bond we have. Check out the MVG link: