Well we did it! We ran the longest, the toughest race we have ever been in!
And I have to say it was TOTALLY AWESOME!

The Can-Am was not only our longest race, but our longest run yet, an amazing 30 miles!  We
had one goal when I entered this race in August.......to finish, and finish strong. Of course
nobody wants to finish last either.

It began with the Vet checks and we soared right through them.
The Vets were impressed with how well mannered and happy we were and even wrote
comments like " sweet girl"  and " super nice team".  
Mayhem was their favorite!

I took a brief moment before harnessing to chat with Primus. I stood there petting his head
and told him "Remember all that Yukon taught you and make him proud."  Then it was time to
go to the line.
What an incredible feeling to be standing on the runners, looking down main street and seeing
a wall of people!
There were hundreds of people and the crowd was cheering us on and roaring our names.  For a
moment I was thinking....what if we don't run down the street, what if we stop to pee, or if
some little kid drops
his hot dog.  All of a sudden it was... 3, 2, 1... and we were off.  
The team took off like a shot and the
crowd got louder and louder.  It was amazing, not one of the dogs seem to be phased by the
crowd at all.....if anything it made us run faster and I had to stand on the drag mat and slow
them down.  They were
great, and we did a wonderful on by passing the team in front of us that seemed to be a little
freaked by the
people and just stopped. We went right around them without any hesitation.

Once we were out of town it was just me and the dogs and a
VERY HOT 35 degree day.  That I must say was a bummer.....
35  degrees,  but nothing could spoil this run!  
The trail was beautiful, tight and seemed to constantly go up hill!
It was an amazing challenge and I was so very proud of how well we leaned in and just kept
moving.  I was filled with nothing but pride of how far the team has come, the amazing change
we went
through this year and the fact that we were brave enough to enter this race in the first place.

We finished the race number 27 out of 30. The dogs did an absolutely wonderful job of keeping
pace even with
the crazy heat of the day.  On leg 1 we were running 6mph and on leg 2 even after the sun
came out we were running at 5.3mph. It was clear that we had made the transition and had  
become a mid-distance team.  Our
stamina was good and the dogs looked strong through the entire race.  
We came across the finish line, hot
but not exhausted and that right there was a win for us.
Especially when a spectator stated "look at them their tails are up and they are so happy"

When we got back to the truck we did look good, we did look happy but there was one
dog.......one dog that
just stood there wagging his tail as if to say........." what, thats it?  
Thats all you got for me"
PRIMUS!  You just had to smile look at him standing there!

Well I could go on and on, and I've re-wrote this about 12 times and each time I realize that
there are no words to explain the pride, the happiness, or the excitement I had during and
after this race.  It was amazing and I don't think it will be long before you see us in our very
first 250 race.  
Distance is definitely for us!

I wanted to say thank you to my INSANELY supportive husband, for coming and supporting us
and holding down the fort while I was a way from home so much the last 2 months.

Also to Maggie for an incredibly awesome picture!  Nice Job!

My Co-workers at VETS , Thank you- if not for all the coverage on my shifts theres no way we
would have been
able to train and be ready for this amazing, wonderful and challenging race!

Dad- Looks like the distance thing is where it's at!

And ofcourse.........Mayhem, Quoia, Tantrum ( you'll never be the "spare" ever  again!) Legend
( even with
carpal surgery and other medical issues- still so strong) Primus and Havok.........WICKED GOOD